Monday, February 1, 2016


Monday, February 1, 2016

Hola Beauties!

Sorry for neglecting this blog too long. I was so damn busy with my new life, tehee. Well, actually I just spend whole day with eating and sleeping and watching korean dramas mehh.


Anyway just for killing my boring days, I’ve browsed lotta Idol pictures and found an interesting photo of AOA Seolhyun for Ceci Magazine. She’s pretty huh?
I love since the makeup looks so sweet and fun. Seolhyun is so beautiful with this Candy Girl look. So, I decided to recreate her beauty makeup and share it with you all.
Should we begin?

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 First of all, skin care is a must ladies. A healthy skin will help you to get a perfect makeup. With moist skin, you can blend and put your makeup easier and make it long last. Already done with your skin care? Now moving on.

Use your fave BB cream or foundation to get radiant skin. To be honest, I prefer BB or CC cream than foundie since it has lighter formula and consist of skin care. Perfect for daily usage laa. But I found that some BB cream of mine has thick consistency as butter, like most of Etude Precious BB series#sigh...
To solve that I use face oil. My favorite is Innisfree Green Tea Seed Oil. I love it like crazy. I mix one or two drops of face oil with my EH BB cream so the texture of Bbcream itself will turn to be more watery and easier to be blended. It prevents cakey result too.
Don’t forget to use your bestie concealer to cover up any imperfections and get ready for flawless skin. Yoohoo!
It’s optional to set with loose powder or not. If you have dry skin, better skip this step. If you want to use powder, focus on the T zone area only because we still want to get the glowing skin for this look.
Next for the eye makeup which is look so sweet and girly.

Start from eyebrow. Since Seolhyun’s brows look straight and natural, I just apply eyebrow mascara in brown color following my natural brow shape.
Apply pink eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Then get your purple eyeshadow and swipe on the outer corner of your lid until the color shows off. Blend the pink and purple eyeshadow well. Use white eyeshadow on the inner corner and smudge it through the lower lash line.
I used black color for eyeliner. Gel or liquid type, choose your favorite. Finish the eye makeup by using fake lashes and don’t forget to apply mascara on your both upper and lower lashes. Btw, I didn’t use bottom fake lashes, LOL. Honestly, it should be better if you use it for this look laa.

Next for the lips. I’m going to use my Peripera lip crayon. Before that, apply lip concealer or BB cream over your lips to tone down your lip color. Choose pink fuchsia lipstick and make it glossy with lipgloss. Perfect.
Unlike mostly Kpop Idol, Seolhyun has pretty tan skin which is look healthy and sexy. So I put some efforts to shading and highlighting, phew...

Almost forgot, apply pink blush on your cheeks too girls. And you’re done!
Please don’t compare my silly face with Seolhyun’s, whooaa... She’s so far prettier la!
I try to get Seolhyun’s hair do but I failed, LOL.
Anyway, since it’s my first time making makeup tutorial, please forgive all the imperfections. I know, this tutorial is not clear as yet, but surely it’s hard to take pictures step by step while working alone, especially for a beginner like me #slap...
I hope next time I can make better makeup tutorial. 

Thank you for reading my tutorial. See you on my next post!

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  1. double winged eyeliner emang bikin monolid kelihatan cetar ya cin, nah... kalau mata belokku dipakain duoble winged eyeliner malah kek evil--eyes XD


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