Saturday, October 24, 2015


Saturday, October 24, 2015
Are you a BB Cream Lover? Give me high five, girls, because me too :*
For daily, I prefer use bb Cream than foundation because I get makeup coverage and skincare benefits from BB cream la. And now I’m gonna make a review of Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream SPF30 PA++

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Well, this is not the full size actually. This one is a sample that I got when bought some makeups from an online shop. Honestly,it’s interesting when I get some sample products to be tried. So I will know whether the product works well or not on my skin before buying the full size, just because my skin is so damn sensitive.

source: google

Skin79 has some variants of BB cream products. One which is very popular is the Hot Pink BB Cream. But, actually all of their BB creams are so tempting, huh? Especially their cute and unique bottle packaging la. But since this is a sample, I can’t comment much far about the cute bottle package. T.T

The consistency of this BB cream’s kinda watery. And yeah, I can blend it like soo eassyyyy...
On the other hand, I’m a bit annoyed with the scent. I’m not sure, it’s floral but too strong fragrant. Make me dizzy, LOL. Fortunately, the smell will disappear once you blend the cream.

I get the brightness effect but the coverage is sheer to medium I think. And the oil control is just so so. Can’t blame it la because this BB cream is exactly for dry skin. No wonder that it has hight moistness but less oil control. It has dewy finish look but not too glowy.

I’ll give it only 3 stars because my pretty oily skin kinda hard to accept the formula of this BB cream. But still, I love how light this cream is. So perfect for daily use.

What I like :
-          Light formula
-          SPF 30 PA++
-          Brightening

What I dislike :
-          Strange smell
-          Less oil control
-          Not too good coverage

Purchase the full size? No, thanks.

Well, to be frankly I’m still so interested with their Green BB Cream. It looks so fresh and totally cute. Maybe one of you are using it right now? I’m so glad if you can share your experience with me ^^

Anyway, I hope this post is useful for everyone. See you soon in my other post dears. Have a nice day!


Monday, October 19, 2015


Monday, October 19, 2015

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I like big eyes. I think that’s cute and so dolly. As an Asian, my eyes aren’t that big (T.T so sad)
But really thanks to the makeup revolution for finding a gorgeous thing called tear eyeliner or under eyeliner, tehee..
This is a thing that will help you to get bigger,fresh, cute or bling bling eyes if it has glitter formula. Many Korean Idols wear it too to get their fresh and cute look.
I found that a lot of Korean Makeup Brands have their own tear eyeliner products. It could be liquid, pencil or powder type. No matter how, it certainly my favorite stuff to get a bigger eyes.

Source: Google

I have some of under eyeliner products, but today I’m gonna share my review for Etude House Tear Drop Liner No.1 in White Tear (because these last days, I really like bling bling eyes look ;*)

Let’s move on, girls...

Honestly, Etude House is a first Korean Makeup Brand that I’ve known. I always fall in love with their products in the first sight just because of their package and concept. I think I’m an easy girl, LOL

Sorry if the printed label on the bottle's already gone >.<

Like other Etude products, this Tear Drop Liner comes in a cutie bottle package. The bottle is made from plastic with long cap and clear body which makes us know the contents of the product left easily. The long cap is also useful because it helps us apply the tear drop liner easily.

Next about the brush. I have know idea about that. I think it’s not like any other eyeliner brushes. This one is like rubber. For me, it’s too chewy. LOL

But since the tip of the brush is sharp, we can still apply the product neatly and easily. So don’t worry la..

One of my excuses bought this tear eyeliner is the glittery contents. I think it will be perfect to be used for night or party makeup. Well ya, as my expectation this product is sparkling. It’s transparent white and full of bling bling glitters. I think it will be too much when used for day makeup, especially if you are into a natural makeup lover.

Here’s the swatch...

can you see the pretty glitters?

Since it’s a liquid product, the consistency of itself is watery of course. Maybe it makes the product pretty hard to be dried. I need about 5 minutes to make it dry perfectly. But I really like its cool sensation once I apply it on my skin.

Btw, I have a problem everytime I apply it on my under eyes. It’s because the under eyelashes of mine. Everytime I draw a line, the product will get stuck on my under lashes and leave some white dots there, blahh... so must be careful when applying it. LOL

I thought that the glitter of this product will be too much for daily use, but maybe I was wrong. Because when it’s applied, the glitter is not like when you watch Kpop Idols in their show. A thing you should do is controlling how much you sweep the product on your eyes. Don’t use it too bold then the bling bling effect won’t appear too much. A sheer applying will make your eyes look cute and fresh. The bold one will make you look like an adorable Idol. Hahaa..

I was wondering about the staying power. Since I need extra time to wait until the tear drop liner dries up perfectly, I have a high expectation that it will be long last. Unlucky me, it won’t. Mehh...T.T  It just stays for about 3-4 hours when I was using it.

I know I shouldn’t have a high expectation about waterproof nor smudgeproof power from this under eyeliner because the product itself doesn’t claim that on the package. And because I have oily skin, I believe it makes the product doesn’t stay much longer. But still, I gave it a rub test. And here’s the result...

After rubbed, the white liner fades away easily meanwhile the glitters get spread and leaves sparkling traces widely. Now, bling bling is everywhere. But I don’t worry too much since I won’t rub it when using it on my eyes. But still the residue of it on my eyes is a little bit annoying. Some of the residue is  somewhat clumpy instead.

Back then to its price which is pretty cheap, I think it could be a recommended product for daily use and for the beginners who wanna try under liner makeup.

I give it 3.5 stars of 5. Out of the less in staying power, I really love the transparent white color with its bling bling glitters. Very pretty. I use it everytime I want a cute and fresh look like Ulzzang.

Here are some FOTD using Etude House Tear Drop Liner No.1 in White Tear. The color of the product may be not shown well because of the lighting. But in real, I’m sure it looks so fresh.

What I Like :


- Makes my eyes look fresh and cute instantly

- Bling bling effects

- Cute packaging

What I Dislike :

- Less staying power

- Clumpy residue

- Too much glitters if used too bold (case : in day makeup)

Have you tried this product too? Or do you have any other favorite under eyeliner makeup?

Kindly share that on the comment box bellow lovelies. I do like to read that.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Can’t wait to see you again in my next post. Cheers!


Thursday, October 15, 2015


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hi there!

Today’s post is for nail art tutorial. I’m not a pro nail artist actually, so forgive me for this amateur tutorial. Well, at least we’re gonna have fun ya?! Tehee...

In this tutorial I use Pokari and Just Miss nail polish bought from Stoberi and Naughty stores in my town. It’s cheap and I think it’s a local product. But I found that the quality is pretty good so... let’s get started!

I like soft and pastel color for my nails, so I choose soft pink color using Pokari Nail Polish 02 in Strawberry Milk and for bling bling effect, I use Just Miss glitter nail polish number 107 and other brand, idk what the name, in pink glitter color.

First, make sure that the nails are clean and healthy. 

Then I start applying the Pokari Strawberry Milk. I’m so in love with this color because it’s so light and sweet color. Makes my nails look bright and lovely. 

Next, I put the pink glitter nail polish on my point finger’s nail and apply the silver glitter one on half of my other nails. It’s optional, I mean you can decorate and use the nail polish like whatever you want.

Since I can’t draw on nails properly, so for the flower decorations I use Nail Art Sticker, choose pinky flower pattern. Using nail art stickers is so easy. Just detach them and patch on your nails. 
And have a beautiful art on your nails just in seconds!

But you must be careful when you detach them or you will be ripped them as it’s so small and thin in size.

You can choose 3D nail sticker to get more beautiful art like when you have Acrylic Nail Art in nail salon.

Play your creativities gals. You can put the flower pattern anywhere you like. And the last step, don’t forget to use top coat for making your nail art long last and more glossy.

Well, sometimes we don’t have to spend a lot of money in nail salon to get a beautiful nail art. We can get the attractive nail look just by using those cheap tools though. We don’t have to go to the nail salon and do it in home. I’m sure it gives us an exercise to improve our creativity too gals. And yeah it’s cheap, easy and fun!

Thanks for reading guys. How’s your way to have fun with your nails? Tell me on the comment box ya. I’d like to read that. See you in next post.


Friday, October 9, 2015


Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi lovelies! Nice to post another product review again.

I know all of you must be familiar with this brand. Koji Dolly Wink product is directored by the famous Gyaru Icon, Tsubasa Masuwaka from Japan. I never have any hesitation about the quality of Dolly Wink products. All of the Dolly Wink I have are so great and amajjing la..

This time the Dolly Wink I’ll be reviewed is the eyebrow mascara. It has three different colors which are gold brown based. I bought color number 2 in Mocha. I heard that Dolly Wink has upgraded the version of their eyebrow mascara series. So, please notice that mine is the old one. Fyi, I bought it around a year ago ;p

Talking about its packaging, Dolly Wink never fail to get my attention buying their products. And I always love the photograph of Tsu Chan in every their package. She’s so cute and very beautiful! :*

Go ahead to my review. I love the bottle that is simple but looks cute. Love the daisy flower too, tehee...

When I opened the bottle, it feels so comfortable with the cap size. It fits well to my hand.

Now take a look at the mascara applicator. The brush is quite long and thin, like it. It will help us to apply the eyebrow mascara in order to get a neat result. So do not worry about messy result anymore.

The color itself is a gold brown color. Very pretty la. I think color number 1 and 2 are similar and the third one is the darkest. Since I had a light brown hair color, so I decided to choose color number 2.

It has a soft creamy texture with no disturbing smell. If you look closely, you will find that this eyebrow mascara contains of glitters. I was afraid about this. I don’t want to look like a wtf gal with bling bling brow style la, LOL. 

Surprisingly, the glitters will be unseen once you apply it onto your eyebrow. Geez, so relief about that...

I love the color which is really match with my hair color. And happily to tell you that it’s waterproof too, no wonder as it’s a DOLLY WINK huh? :p

sorry for the messy swatches...>.<

in my brow

blend so well with my hair color ne?

Since it’s waterproof, so don’t ask about the staying power. This DW eyebrow mascara is exactly long last, gals. I started using it in the morning and it still stays so damn well until the night without smudge. Awesome, isn’t it?

The thing I loved about waterproof Dolly Wink products is it can be cleaned easily with warm water. So that  I do not need a waterproof makeup remover hahaa.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m not using this product anymore. It’s not because I don’t like it. No no no!  I really super love it instead. But then I changed my light hair color and dyed it with a black one, so I’m not using it anymore. The light brown color of this eyebrow mascara doesn’t match with my dark hair color now days. Still I definitely will continue using it again when I get a light hair color next day ;D

What I Like :
-          Cute packaging

-          Long and thin brush for neat result

-          Makes your face look brighter instantly

-          Waterproof and smudgeproof

-          Long lasting ! Long lasting !!!

What I dislike:
-          NOTHING !!!

Rating??? Absolutely 5 stars given!

So, have you tried this amajjing Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara yet? Let me know if you like it or not. Really glad if you share your experience and comments bellow. Thanks for reading and stopping by. See you in next post.

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