Sunday, August 25, 2019


Sunday, August 25, 2019

dress for petite body 1

Do not be disappointed if you have a short body. In fact, petite girls have their own advantages, especially for their appearance. It is easy for petite girls to look younger than their actual age as they have short body. Aside from that, the lack of their height exactly makes petite girls look cuter and sweeter.

In contrary, having petite body without knowing what dresses and accessories you wear (or in other words, you wear wrong outfit) would easily shorten your figure and that is a big fat NO. Hence opting the right design of your clothes and combining them with matching accessories is very important for petite fellas. And if we are talking about special occasions such as prom and homecoming, the design of your dress should be your main consideration, especially if you buy your homecoming dresses online. The right design on your dress would flatter your petite figure and give a proportional and adorable look on your whole appearance.

So, without any further word, here are 3 styles that will help petite girls to get their stunning look!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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We’d like to wear retro 1950s related style. We know, right.
Vintage, especially the 1950s style clothing seems to be a fancy fashion trend that always in from year to year. Fifties women style was a fabulous period with sooo many inspirations for modern fashion trends. They even said that 1950s style was the birth of American fashion. Popular fashion designers and even fashion bloggers modified their 1950s outfit with a touch of modern vibe. Hence the style itself doesn’t look too boring nor granny at this moment.

Vintage dress is my favorite, I guess it’s yours too. Let’s think about wiggle dress, swing dress, shirt dress and other fifties style dresses. Chic but elegant, especially with a pretty belt as the accessory. Vintage dresses could be our smart selection for a lot of special occasions such as cocktail party, birthday party, even for our homecoming event.

Actually to bring the 1950s style into modern 2019 style is not that confusing, though. The main point is find a real vintage design with a modern-chic additional touch on the dress. It will give you a flattering vintage yet stylish look, just like a pro. However, choosing basic styles of 1950s is very important. And here are 3 most popular vintage dress styles from Zapaka that would look lovely for your special days.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


Sunday, August 18, 2019

We know pink is a girl’s color and this color brings feminine and youthful vibes at the same time. In many ways pink hue can be elegant, soft and glamorous too. Hence this color is one of the great choices for formal to semi-formal occasions, such as prom and homecoming event.

Instead of wearing pop out or neon pink, we could choose other soft and neutral pink hues for our formal and semi-formal occasions. Pastel pink, dusty pink, rose pink to bright maroon are examples of smart selections. These kinds of hues do not look too puerile but otherwise, they provide girly look in elegant vibe, especially for homecoming which tends to be a semi-formal event.

To upgrade our look when we want to attend homecoming invitation this year, floral embellishment is the best answer. Yass, floral dresses seem to be endless and always popular from year to year, 2019 is included, of course. The combination of flowers and pink provides a very sweet lookyou’re yourwhole appearance. Don’t worry, in case you want to look more casual and comfortable, you can pick short homecoming dresses. And you are ready to go.

Oh, wait! But, why A-line?

Sunday, August 11, 2019


Sunday, August 11, 2019

It is not a secret for us that backless dress is one of simple ways to look stunning without too much efforts. This kind of dress seems to be one of the best options to wear if you want to be spotlighted on your special occasions such as Homecoming day. The backless details of the dress itself catch the attention easily, thus it also provides a fabulous look instantly. Well, that’s why many celebrities love to wear dresses without backs on red carpet, right?

But, not all of us are confident to wear backless homecoming dresses. We probably think it’s uncomfortable to wear a backless dress. Also, we may have a big worry about the underwear and bla bla bla. Hence we are uncertain to pick a backless dress when shopping from a wholesale homecoming dresses store. What a sad story T.T

I know, the eye-catching styles of backless dresses are too adorable to be ignored. Actually that’s the reason I’m here with 3 simple tips to guide you if you want to wear a backless dress for formal or semi-formal occasions.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

benefits of two piece dress 1

Two piece dresses are still popular from year to years. We can easily find tons of beautiful designs of two piece dresses out there, both from off and online stores. And since the two piece dresses bring youthful yet elegant vibes, many teenagers like to wear it especially when it comes to prom season.

The unique way how two piece prom dresses separate the outfit on stomach area is adorable. It provides a sexy look as exposing skin sliver on our stomach area. On the other hand the skirt itself represents young and fresh look. In addition, most of two piece dresses are more comfortable to wear particularly when you want to dance the night away on your prom night.

If you are about wearing a kind of this beautiful dress to your prom but still hesitate, here are 3 little things you should know about two piece prom dress to erase your hesitation.
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