I've started SayCintya Beauty Blog in October 2015. Well, though I'm not a professional blogger yet, but I always try to post everything which is honest and useful on this blog.

As an author, I'm so blessed to reach awards and achievements with this blog. These give me more spirit to write and fill this blog with my other inspirational posts.

Here are my awards and achievements :

      1. First Liebster Award in April 2016
Read my full post about my first Liebster Award here.

      2. Lactacyd Blog Competition #ProvenSelfV 2016 (Second Prize)

Read my full post about Lactacyd White Intimate #ProvenSelfV here.

     3. I was being interviewed on Society Fix Blog about my blogging tips and tricks. Thank you, dear:)

Read full interview here.

      4.  Lomba Nulis Artikel Catfiz / Catfiz Messenger Blog Competition 2016 (4th Winner)

Read my article here.

      5. 10 Favorites Winner of Derma Angel Blog Competition 2017 (hosted by Blogger Perempuan Network)

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