Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hello happy readers!
Today I’m back with another lip makeup review. This time is for one of my favorite Korean brand, 3 Concept Eyes. You know this brand, don’t you?
3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer.

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When I first time knew this product, I was wondering about the quality and performance of its since I read varied reviews about this lip lacquer. Didn’t think too long, I decided to buy two of their 12 colors.
So, what’s Lip Lacquer?
It’s lipstick-like touch with press powdered-like soft cashmere lips, with a neat finish and non-sticky application.
Hmmm... then?
They claim that the Lip Lacquer :
·  More vivid than lipstick
·  Gives cashmere texture that leaves a soft finish
·  Light and natural application
·  You can mix and match with their various colors
Well, I really have high expectation for this product now.
3CE offers 12 colors for this product. They are so tempting, right? Look at how pretty that colors are!#drooling
I wanna try them all, soof!

Source : Google

Source : Google
Finally, I bought Backstage since I’m falling in love with its elegant red color. Besides, I still wanted to have nude color lippies, so I grabbed Bon Bon too because I was kinda disappointed with my Clio Lipnicure #Trouble Peach.
So, let’s check whether it really fills our expectations or not.

Do you agree if I say that the packaging is so elegant?
The box is designed very simple in black paper material and the color of the product inside is on the top of the box. They put 3CE triangle logo on the center, so cutie. I love it.
The description of the product is written in Hangul on the sides box.

Once I opened the box, found that this lip lacquer comes in a transparent bottle with black cap. Still their cute 3CE logo is printed on the center.

If I should compare it with Clio Lipnicure’s package, this one is more slim and classy while Clio’s is in chubby design. In my description, it looks more elegant and I like it for sure!

Move to the applicator now. Nothing’s special, just like many others lip tint products. They made it in a long wand which is handy to used. Take a look at the brush. Its tip is slim and so soft like fuwa-fuwa cotton. The angle of this brush helps us to apply the content easier.

Honestly, I really like the applicator. The brush feels so smooth when used onto my lips.
Clap clap!

I don’t smell any disturbing scent of it. So don’t worry if you have a sensitive nose. It smells like normal lip product.
Actually, I hope they give it fruit or bubble gum scent, LOL.


I was so glad when tried to swipe the product firstly. As they promised about the cashmere texture, that’s true. I don’t know how to describe it but I think this product has unique texture like no other my lip products before. You’ll see how creamy it was and then turns to be powdery awhile after applied. Seriously, I feel like using powder on my lips! A little bit weird for me, but at least the content is so soft and not clumpy.

I couldn’t find that this product has a great staying power at all. Frankly, it will stay okay on your lips as long as you don’t eat or drink. But after you eat or drink, just say adios! It transfers so easily, maybe because of the texture which is powdery, mehh.
It will leave sheer color on your lips. Don’t worry, you can touch up anytime you like since 3CE lip lacquer has light formula. It won’t be lumpy clumpy bumpy

Time to swatch it on the lips. Lemme try the nude color first.

Sorry for the bad lighting >.<
Bon Bon is apricot colored that makes you look lovely. This one is warm color. I got no best lighting in the picture, but actually the color look more pale peachy in real. Most of my daily lippies are based on pink colored, so I really like this one as my another choice when getting bored.

The true red color, I love it!
The second color is Backstage. It is truly cherry red color. I really love love love it!
The real red color makes your face look bright instantly once you use it. It’s gonna be the best choice everytime you want to look gorgeous.

When use it as gradation lip
Both of the colors have vivid finish. One swipe is enough for you to get those beautiful colors. They are matte but not too dry. I still feel a hint of moist lips while using it. Looking back to their commercial posters, I found that the colors are exactly same. No one is being cheated here. Everyone can get lip colors like Sora Park. Yay!

I think I’m satisfied enough with 3CE Lip Lacquer, especially with their Backstage color. I do appreciate with their light formula which keeps my lips in moist and leaves no dry patch even using their Bon Bon nude color.

What I Like :
·  Soft and light texture
·  Vivid colors
·  Doesn’t make my lips dry
·  Elegant packaging
·  So many beautiful colors collection

What I Dislike : 
·  Staying power is so so 
·  The products transfer so easily when eat or drink 
·  The powdery texture feels a bit weird

I’m going to give it 4 stars of 5. Though it doesn’t stay long last, but I still get many good things from it. Maybe I will try other colors then. All of them are very pretty. You should try too!

Thanks for reading and see you on next post!


  1. wah, tadi sempet naksir bonbon tapi kalo transfer agak annoying juga :(

    1. iya Sha, warnanya cakep2 semua tapi staying power-nya so so...
      thanks udah mampir^^


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