Saturday, October 24, 2015


Saturday, October 24, 2015
Are you a BB Cream Lover? Give me high five, girls, because me too :*
For daily, I prefer use bb Cream than foundation because I get makeup coverage and skincare benefits from BB cream la. And now I’m gonna make a review of Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream SPF30 PA++

source: google

Well, this is not the full size actually. This one is a sample that I got when bought some makeups from an online shop. Honestly,it’s interesting when I get some sample products to be tried. So I will know whether the product works well or not on my skin before buying the full size, just because my skin is so damn sensitive.

source: google

Skin79 has some variants of BB cream products. One which is very popular is the Hot Pink BB Cream. But, actually all of their BB creams are so tempting, huh? Especially their cute and unique bottle packaging la. But since this is a sample, I can’t comment much far about the cute bottle package. T.T

The consistency of this BB cream’s kinda watery. And yeah, I can blend it like soo eassyyyy...
On the other hand, I’m a bit annoyed with the scent. I’m not sure, it’s floral but too strong fragrant. Make me dizzy, LOL. Fortunately, the smell will disappear once you blend the cream.

I get the brightness effect but the coverage is sheer to medium I think. And the oil control is just so so. Can’t blame it la because this BB cream is exactly for dry skin. No wonder that it has hight moistness but less oil control. It has dewy finish look but not too glowy.

I’ll give it only 3 stars because my pretty oily skin kinda hard to accept the formula of this BB cream. But still, I love how light this cream is. So perfect for daily use.

What I like :
-          Light formula
-          SPF 30 PA++
-          Brightening

What I dislike :
-          Strange smell
-          Less oil control
-          Not too good coverage

Purchase the full size? No, thanks.

Well, to be frankly I’m still so interested with their Green BB Cream. It looks so fresh and totally cute. Maybe one of you are using it right now? I’m so glad if you can share your experience with me ^^

Anyway, I hope this post is useful for everyone. See you soon in my other post dears. Have a nice day!



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