Monday, April 29, 2019


Monday, April 29, 2019

Hello, pretties!
Hmmm... do you feel that? Homecoming season is getting closer. Thus, I guess it is a perfect time for us to start preparing what dresses we should wear at that moment. Well, most of us probably agree that choosing prom dresses could be a little bit tricky.

Nowdays, buying prom dresses can be so easy as we can order them from online stores, like 27 dresses website. We may search on internet and find a lot of beautiful dresses out there, but think again, will those dresses look good on us? The problem is, the more we search the more we find hundreds pretty dresses. If you are confused enough and have no idea which one you should pick up, then in this post, I will share a little tips how to choose the best prom dresses based on your body shape.

Ah, first of all, know your body shape. Have you done? So, let’s move to the tips.


If your waist is well-defined and you probably have fuller bust, hips and thighs, it seems that you are in this body shape. Many people love this kind of body shape as it looks more sexy and mature. However, you could wear any dresses if you are in this body shape, but to make your whole appearance looks stunning, Mermaid dresses is the best choice for you.
Buy Glamorous Off-the-Shoulder 2019 Evening Dress Lace Mermaid Party Gowns

With curvy cutout, Mermaid dresses will give you a perfect silhouette to your body. You may choose mermaid dresses with lace, beads or sequins as embellishment.


When your waist is wider than your bust and you have narrower shoulders than your hips, then you are a pear body or also known as triangle body shape. To give a balance and prettier look for your body, A-Line dresses is the answer.

There are a lot of designs you can choose for this classic style. A-Line dresses is the easiest way for you who want to look elegant yet comfortable. For special event like homecoming or prom night, you could choose an A-Line dress with a high side-slit to give you an instant stand-out look, just like this photo below.
Buy Red Criss-Cross-Straps A-Line Side-Slit Sexy Prom-Dresses Long Evening-Dresses


Similar to Hourglass shape, this body shape is well-proportioned but don’t have a well-defined waistline. Usually, your shoulders are broader than your hips. For this Apple body shape, Ball Gown is a smart selection to make your look adorable.
Buy Ball-Gown Lace-Appliques Scoop Cap-Sleeves Quinceanera-Dresses Chic Long Prom-Dresses

Another alternative if you don’t like ball gown style, you can buy cheap sexy prom dresses in V-Neckline designs. The V-neck details will give your upper body a balanced proportion for your whole look.
Buy V-Neck Sleeveless Sexy Long Mermaid Ruched Prom Dresses


You probably in straight shape if your shoulders and hip are similar in measurements. And your waist is not very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down. Since you are not particularly curvy, you can choose prom dresses with unique details. You may wear backless homecoming dresses for elegant yet sexy look.
Buy Elegant Backless Bowknot White Homecoming Dress Long Sleeve Short Prom Gown

I know, a lot of beautiful designs of prom dresses probably make us a little bit hard to decide which one is the best for our body. But trust me, once you know your body shape (and of course, your personal style), it is easier to choose which one we should wear.
If you still hesitate, you can find tons of pretty prom and wedding dresses from 27 dresses online shop. There, you will find many dresses that will suit your body and personal style since their collections are literally beautiful and affordable.


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  1. Nice choices, Ci Cintya!
    I love the first mermaid dress so beautiful!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Navee!
      That one is my favorite too


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