Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hello everybody!

As women, we really care about our body shapes. Everybody, of course, wants to have perfect body shape. But most of us, unfortunately, think that ‘perfect’ shape means slim and skinny figure. That’s why women do extreme diet to get ‘perfect’ body. They may forget that healthy body is more important than ‘perfect’ body.
But, is it possible to get ‘perfect’ yet healthy body for us without ruining our life with extreme diet? I will answer, yes!
Diet doesn’t mean we eat NOTHING to get ‘perfect’ body, slim figure or ‘killer’ legs. A good diet program should help us to balance our healthy and ‘perfect’ body. If we have healthy body with good lifestyle, ideal body will be reached naturally. Try these simple tips that may help you to get ‘perfect’ and healthy body.

Educate Yourself

First, do not think that ‘perfect’ and healthy body is something that instantly we could reach without effort. Taking a good diet program couldn’t give us an instant result within a week. It needs process, we have to do it continuously and consistently.

Second, notice that women’s health is very important. So don’t force yourself with extreme diet without knowing your body health. Visit Check Pregnancy to know more about women’s health. This site will helps us to get useful informations for our health as women.

Eat Good Foods
Rather than junk foods, prefer high protein and low carbodydrate foods. Like fish, fisheries and tofu. Do not forget to add vegetables as fiber to your body. Fruits for our snacks are good too.

You may try Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye’s diet menu that consists of :
Morning : 170 grams of rice, bean soup, boiled eggs, corn salad and vegetable / kimchi.
Lunch: 170 grams of rice, crab soup, potatoes, salad, boiled peanuts and kimchi.
Afternoon snacks: 200 grams of cherry tomatoes.
Evening: 170 grams rice, mushroom soup, baked herring, beans, kimchi.
Night snacks: 10-20 strawberries

Or you can find your best healthy menu inspirations on Village Bakery - Homestyle Cooking Tips & Resources

Sports And Exercise

To burn fat and get healthier body, do sports regularly. It will shape our body too. For a person who doesn’t like sports, like me, you could try other exercise like dancing or walking up stairs (so simple, hehee..)

Wear Waist Trainer

Wear corsets to achieve a great body, why not? This way is so trendy and popular today. I got a lot of waist training guides from Me And My Waist. For some reasons, waist training is the effective yet simple way to get ‘perfect’ body. What’s more, there are a lot of waist training pros that will surprise you. Check Me And My Waist to know what they are and guide to choose the best waist training.

Well, I hope this post helps you! By the way, if you want to find best baby jumpers reviews, go heading Check Pregnancy pages. I had just found interesting article there for my niece. Very useful!


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  1. very nice and so cool post.Right here is a few beautiful wedding gowns.

  2. Hi Cintya! :) I exactly know what you mean - currently I'm working on fit body and I totally agree with each tips, which you gave here. Especially eating not less, but more healthy and exercise more are the best ones :)

  3. No wonder your body is that perfect!
    Thanks for the tips!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Wonderful tips! Thank you very much for the article! :)
    Lovely photos ❀

    * Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream *

  5. I feel that as long as you are healthy and happy, you've got the perfect body.
    Life can't better than that :)

  6. getting the right exercise is the best!
    style frontier

  7. Great advice for every girls that wanna have a perfect shape body thanks for sharing!


  8. lovely post ♥

  9. Valid points, I agree with everything. :)
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  10. Thank you for all this great advices!
    I try to eat healthier this time :D

  11. Afterall, healthy body is all we need ya :)) Walaupun masih sering makan yang salah sih :( Nice writing Cintya!



    1. Sama! Biasanya makanan yg "salah" justru enak2 ya, Chel... hehee

  12. Very nice post thank you.

  13. Buat punya body ok yang sehat memang ga ada jalan pintas. Nikmati prosesnya. Paling penting bangun disiplinnya dulu, hasil pasti ngikutin 😁😁

    1. Iya, Mbak. Setuju, kuncinya adalah disiplin, telaten dan sabar tentunya buat dapat hasil yg oke;)

  14. Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject!
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