Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello everyone!

Now let’s talk about a kind of fashion style that always ‘in’ and never die from year to years. Vintage style! Well, you can say it’s old fashion, a part of retro, classic and simple or whatsoever. Some people may think that vintage style is kinda granny -.- but in fact, many people still love vintage fashion too.

Of course if we could choose right vintage items to be worn, it would be unique yet pretty. Vintage fashion, absolutely, doesn’t make you look like an old person. You will love this style once you found how to mix and match the items.

Vintage clothes is mostly simple with not too much design. The related vintage things are usually like lace, ruffles, pleats, flare skirt and many more. Ah, the cheerful vintage clothes may be printed with polkadot or floral patterns. So chic!

I remembered when I had to attend my High School prom night, I was like “O my God, what Homecoming Dresses should I wear?” You know, that time I was a very shy girl. Since that I didn’t want to wear something that made me look strange or too princessy. I wanted Homecoming Dresses that have simple classic design and could make me look pretty too. Then my choice was coming for vintage dress.

I love when vintage dresses make me look chic and pretty without looking too much, so as a shy girl, I could wear it comfortably. If you are type of shy girl, I think you could choose classic vintage dresses if you have to attend party or prom night. Here are some adorable and lovely Prom Dress 2017 from Babyonlinedress that surely will make you fall in love with them. And today I choose vintage style for you^^

This simple dress with A-line silhouette amaze me since it’s full of lace. Looks pretty yet glamorous.

Super love with the design. Everyone will look amazing wearing this dress.

I love the design and color of this beautiful dress. It will look perfect for this spring special occasions.

A sweet ball gown with chic design. What’s more, the 3D floral appliques looks cute too.

My favorite one from today’s inspirations. The sweet and classic design with very nice soft color. I love it and it looks so adorable!

Even with vintage dresses that have simple and classic design, we still could look beautiful and amazing, right? I hope my choices could inspire you today. If you want to find out other greatest Prom Dresses Online colllections and wholesale evening dresses, please visit or click my older post here to read other article about this amazing store. have tons of amazing wedding dresses and Homecoming Dresses collections for us.  Not only in vintage style, they have a lot of great dresses in many style. Their collections will fulfill our different passion and personal taste in fashion.

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  1. OMG, that pink lace dress! So cute! Aku bayangin kalo kamu yang pake pasti cute banget Cintya <3



  2. Beautiful and pretty dress, Kak Cintya! I love vintage style too.
    Pilihan kakak bagus2:)

  3. Really lovely dress and shop

  4. Beautiful dresses! I love vintage too, and I actually wear vintage pieces which I incorporate in my wardrobe. The secret not to look like granny is to combine vintage and modern, as opposed to wearing an outfit made up entirely of vintage pieces, which would make you look like you traveled from the past.

    Xoxo, Victoria

  5. I love vintage, too, and I'm always happy when I find a nice vintage piece. The dresses here are beautiful.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. great post
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  7. Hi Cintya! Honestly, I'm so in love with your choices of vintage dresses - I'm huge of this style too, good to hear that you wore vintage dress at your prom ;) What about your selection I love second lace dress - it's totally in my style <3

  8. Happy Sunday!!
    Such a lovely post
    Thanks for Sharing!!


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