Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hello amazing readers! And another Hello to December^^

The reasons why I love this month is not only because there will be a Christmas celebration, but also the weather is getting colder here. In case you are curious, I like cold weather because I spend most of my whole days in a very warm city. Besides, I really love winter style with cute women coats, scarfs and boots.
As a person who lives in tropical country, I couldn’t enjoy four seasons. There are only two seasons here, summer and rainy. And this year, I got sooo long summer days which is crazily hot. That’s why I’m kinda over excited when the weather got colder and the rains began lately weeks.
Honestly, I still wish for a white Christmas, you know a Christmas Eve with snow. But it’s impossible to get it in my country, I should go to Europe or other countries to get my white Christmas LOL. But hey, my Mom had just gave a good news that we will spend our Christmas holiday in Batu town. Batu is one of the coldest town in my country. I think that would be a perfect time wearing warm outfit there though without snow T_T I should make my preparation now.
I believe that a lot of my sweet readers are going to welcome winter, right? So, what do you prepare when winter gets closer? Warm outfit, of course. Well, now we are in the same road, aren’t we?
I think the winter outfit should be two things, warm and stylish. We don’t want to look ‘walking-blanket’ alike when we’re going out on the winter with thick outfit. Everybody, surely, wants to look great though the cold weather. I found some winter outfit suggestions for us who wanna look stylish in warm and pretty outfit from StyleWe. You must be very familiar with this amazing online clothes store, yes? StyleWe have hundreds awesome collections on their online store, makes me confused to choose which one is the best^^
Fret not, here are my selections for our winter outfit.

Gray Frill Sleeve A-line Coat

Camel Bow Wool Buttoned Plain Simple Coat


Green A-line Long Sleeve Shirt Collar Wool Buttoned Coat

Well, green outfit will be the best choice for Xmas atmosphere if you are bored with the red one:)

Casual Frill Sleeve Beaded Crew Neck Coat


Casual Abstract Half Sleeve Knitted Asymmetrical Sweater Dress


Pink Wool Alpaca Shift Plain Sweater Dress with Scarf


So, what do you think? Personally, it’s hard to choose only six clothes because StyleWe has lots of pretty and adorable collections for this winter. You could choose your personal cute women coats on StyleWe website. If you have other selections for this winter, please share with me on the comment box. Don’t forget to follow StyleWe on the links bellow:

Website :
Facebook :  stylewe
Twitter :  stylewe
Instagram :  stylewe
StyleWe Blog :

Now, I think we are ready to hang out on the winter!


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  3. All clothes looks great ♥ Thank you for sharing and have a nice day~


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  5. Great items.

  6. Hahahaha seandainya ya di Indo ada winter *non-sense talk* Rasanya bener-bener mesti bikin plan untuk ngrasain White Christmas ini yah :p Btw, pink coat nya cute banget <3



    1. Iya, nyesek cuman bisa liat White Xmas di pilm2 doang:'(

  7. Oh very gorgeous picks darling!
    I love it this store


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