Monday, June 13, 2016


Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello everyone!
As I promised before, I’ll make a review about this amazing lip tint I’ve been using since 2014. Actually, I re-purchased this tint again from My Lovely Sister in the middle of 2015 and using it until now. In this post you will know why I do really love this product like crazy. Just read this until the end. And btw, let’s welcome... Cathy Doll Petit Tint in Pinky Pink!
You, who are interested in Korean makeup, must be known about this product. I’ve posted a basic information about Cathy Doll here. If you are looking for a Korean brand that can give you natural glowing and white skin, Cathy Doll is the answer. If you want cosmetic that able to bring you into Korean bright look, Cathy Doll is the answer.
Now let’s move to the product...





7.5 Gr

Around IDR 50,000

The packaging is coming from transparent plastic with pink cap. Cute, huh? When I saw it for the first time, I thought “Isn’t this too tiny? Like I will spent the product in few days!” But I was totally wrong, guys. LOL
Well, the tube is very elastic so we can take out the content easily. Besides, the tiny size of this tint makes it more cute and of course travel friendly la. This Petit Tint from Cathy Doll is becoming the bestie of my pouch. I always bring this tint in my pouch and even when I go without the pouch, I always put it in my pocket since the packaging is so travel friendly. That’s why my tint is a bit dull right now, LOL.
I don’t have to talk too much anymore, just enjoy the pics!

As the packaging is simply cute and tiny, this tint doesn’t provide brush applicator within. They made the tube’s tip in angled with small hole so we can easily control how much we want to take out the content. Don’t worry about the applicator, I mean don’t be afraid that you’ll spill the content because the content itself is made in gel texture. Neither watery nor runny. It’s safe!

Though the angle of the applicator’s still wearable and not-so-messy, I prefer using my fingertip to blend the color. I think it will create more natural effect and work so well to make gradient look. Sometimes I used lip brush to create bold color all over the lips.
Cathy Doll Petit Tint doesn’t bring us strong or weird smell. The smell is not that sweet or so fruity compared to other lip tint products. It’s like cherry syrup. Don’t worry even you are sensitive with any smell. I convince it won’t disturb your nose, sweety.
It’s not bitter too. I think the taste of lip product we use is somewhat important, right? Sometimes we accidentally lick our lips while applying any lip tint product. Definitely, we don’t wanna feel like licking poison then choked like a fool, eh? LOL

Frankly, I usually prefer tint product which has creamy or watery texture cause the gel one is kinda sticky and hard to blend. But not with this Petit Tint. This one isn’t sticky at all. Moreover, instead of being hard to blend, this jelly jello tint is super easy to blend and absorb quickly. So make sure you blend it fast once applied on your lips. Annddd... I really LOVE the formula of this lip tint! Cathy Doll Petit Tint never ever make my lips dry while using it. Never!
The shade I chose is Pinky Pink. Actually Petit Tint comes in 3 shades: red, pink and orange. I picked the pink one because this is my safe and favorite color. Here’s the swatch on my back hand.

I was falling in love with the color since the first time. It’s bright pink, almost neon pink. Typically, this color will make your face brighter instantly. And see how pigmented the color is! Just one swipe and the color turn up prettily! It absorbs quickly and gives me very beautiful pink color after that. The final result is not matte either glossy. It looks moist and blend naturally with your lips skin.


Why I love using lip tint product than lipstick for daily look is because lip tint has lighter formula and doesn’t look heavy on my lips. This Petit Tint #Pinky Pink really gives what I want to get the natural makeup look.
Let’s see how the pink color appears over my lips.

The left side is when I use it for gradient lips. It looks very natural, like My Lips But Much Better. If you love Ulzzang style, Cathy Doll Petit Tint will help you to get Ulzzang’s cute lips. Its gradient pink color is very pretty. I need only a biiittt amount of the content to get this pinkish gradient look. That’s why my Petit Tint took a looong time until it run out though I use it everyday!
The middle picture is the bold version. I think, this one is gonna be everyone’s favorite pink color. You see, the color is cute overload! And fyi, I didn’t use lip brush to apply it. Just the applicator of this tint itself and my fingertip.
Now, talking about the staying power. On the right picture, there’s my lips after 5-6 hours using the bold version. I ate noodle, drank a lot, had lunch and snack. I was about surprised after my lunch and found that my lips stay pinkish. Oh, just look on the pretty pink stain on my lips! This tint is superb!

After Rubbed Hard with Water

I did water test too with the swatch on my back hand. Before rubbed with water, I used wet tissue to rub and the result: it left a stain but the pink color’s still intense. After rubbed hard with water, it didn’t change. Wow, it’s super superb!
Another thing I love from this tiny baby is it can be used as a blusher too. Make sure that you use it in thin layer since the color is very pigmented. It will be better if use it sheer on your cheeks, so you’ll get natural blushing face. I usually apply it with sponge or sometimes, if I’m becoming too lazy, I use my fingers to blend it out. Mwehehee...

I'm using Cathy Doll Petit Tint #Pinky Pink as 2 layer gradient lips and sheer blusher
 *PS: Photoshop's used to remove some blemishes, not to edit the color.

Overall, I love Cathy Doll Petit Tint #Pinky Pink to be my bestie lip product everyday. Moreover, it doesn’t dry up my lips even after reapplied many times to touch up. A notice from me, I have to touch up only when I use it as gradient lips which means sheer application. If you use it as bold version, you don’t need to touch up many times. The stain of this tint will stay along on your lips, almost whole day!
The only bad thing from this tint is... you have to buy tint remover product since it’s not gonna be removed easily using makeup cleanser. Ahahaa...

  • Cute packaging
  • Pretty pink and pigmented color
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and doesn’t dry on lips
  • Long lasting. Superb looonggg...

  • Please, add the color range!

I recommend Cathy Doll Petit Tint for you who loves lip tint product and wants to get natural lip makeup, yes. I give my 4.5 stars from 5 to this tint. Well, trust me, you’ll never regret buying this cutie pie. Using it on lips as lip tint and on cheeks as blusher, both are perfect. Soooo... Happy trying, guys!

Meet Cathy Doll Indonesia here:
Twitter : @cathydollindo
Instagram : cathydollindonesia




  1. That lip tint looks so pretty! I can't believe it's the pigmented, I love it!


    1. yes, it's very pigmented and cute!
      thanks for stopping by, Aiko^^

  2. Aku belum pernah coba nih Cathy Doll Petit Tint.
    Bagus ya ternyata^^

    Nice review!

    Btw, aku udah follow blog kamu via gfc.
    Please kindly follow back my blog, it means a lot^^
    Thank you :)

    1. ayo cobain, Chacha...
      makasih udah mampir. I will follow back soon, dear;)

  3. Actually I never try this liptint before (poor me), I thought this lip tint has many benefit ya, and long lasting! Should try it soon <3 Thanks for introduce to us, sweety <3



  4. jrang bnget beli produk bibir tp yg ini kyaknya cakep banget wrnanya juga pigmented bnget yaa... btw km keliatan cute bnget... ^^

    1. iya, warna pink nya okee bgt... hahaa..itu gara2 di smooth skin sama sotosop makanya mukaku flawless^^

  5. That lip gloss has lovely shade, what's more, it's great that it has travel-friendly size :)

    1. right, it's completely great lip product:)
      thanks for reading dear^^

  6. Love this gloss!! and looks perfect on you!!

  7. That looks awesome! And you're so cute ♥♥

    I'm following you, please follow me back! I would love to stay in touch with you ♥♥♥


    1. thank you, dear.
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  8. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  9. Ini packagingya imutt banget~ warnanya juga cakep <3

  10. ntah ya.. tapi menurut aku lip products dari cathy doll memang bagus-bagus *_*


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