Thursday, March 10, 2016


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Annyeong Chingudeul!

I’m back to review another makeup product again. Today’s for an American famous brand, Benefit. And the product’s called How To Look The Best At Everything Flawless Complexion Makeup Kit, such a long name, huh?
There are two variant for this product, cmiiw. The white-peach box is for Light shade and the greeny one is for Medium shade. Mine is the light one.
Well, actually when people asking me to choose among Local, Korean, Japan or USA makeup brands, I will definitely point toward the Korean and Japan brands. It’s because I have no other choice since most of Korean and Japan brand are so friendly to my skin, besides loving their cute packaging lah. But, it doesn’t mean I don’t love Indonesian local products. I still love it for sure. Unfortunately, I have some...errr I think nearly always getting trouble when using local makeup products. Pfff...
Idk why, but almost all of my experience using local makeup has so damn bad ending with breakouts, comedos, itchy or reddish skin even using the products for sensitive skin! #cryinginthecorner. I was so frustrated and never buy local product anymore because of those tragedies, except I REALLY want the product!

Like the local products, I got the same damn bad experience using the USA brands. I’ve been using Maybeline BB Cream and foundie from Revlon then found out that my face was full of blemishes everywhere. Damn it!
Then I reached that time, about some months ago when I was browsing on instagram, I found this Benefit Makeup Kit and told to myself that I really want it like crazy. I was doubt at first because Benefit is Maybeline’s and Revlon’s friend, also the price is kinda expensive for me, it was around IDR 500k. But I thought the result may be different because it’s not a drugstore product, right? So yeah, I made a deal wif myself and bought it.

Read the review below but be aware, it’s gonna be lotta pictures here!!!

I was yelling like silly kid when first time receiving this product. It’s so cute with its peachy color box. Look what products you will get on the back of the outer box. And read the descriptions and ingredients of each products on the sides box.
The inner box is exactly same with the outer, but different in the back. The box is designed like a cute diary with hard cover. Even my Mom thought I’ve just bought a book, LOL. Don’t worry the cover or the cap won’t open easily because it’s tightly magnetised.
Once you open the box, you will see four products which are ready to help you to get your flawless skin. And yeay, there’s Tips and Tricks to Instant Beauty by Benefit too on the back of its cover. Another surprise thing is when I found a mirror hiding behind the Tips and Tricks paper. I took pictures of each Tips and Tricks, you can read it by clicking those pictures below.
Well, I think it’s a perfect makeup kit package. I love with the diary concept and also fall in love with the peach colored box. That’s all so eye-catching!

As you can see on the pictures above, I got four products in the box. They are all in the travel size, I think they’re so cute though. The content consists of primer, liquid foundation, concealer, and powder. Lemme talk about it one by one.

1.      The Porefessional (7.5 ml)

The packaging is extremely cute, isn’t it? It came in a mini tube with blue-green colored. No wonder because the weight is just 7.5 ml.
This primer is brownish in color and so easily to blend with translucent finish. This face primer consists of cyclohexasiloxane (silicon). It makes your skin feel smooth and silky instantly once you applied it on your face. Of course, it will help foundie getting easier to be applied. Also this makeup base is claimed to minimize the appearance of pores and I read many good reviews about that. On my face, I still can see some BIG pores *blame it on my skin!* but it works well for smaller pores. However, I still like the blur effect of it.
Other things I like from The Porefessional is because this product is oil free and has a good staying power. Besides that I don’t smell any annoying fragrance from it, just a floral scent but not too strong. In conclusion, I like this face primer.

2.      Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW SPF 25 PA+++ - “Cheers To Me” Champagne (7.0 ml)

I have to admit that one of my reasons why I wanted this makeup kit crazily is because of the foundation. I’m not talking about its formula or how many good reviews I read, I just felt in love with the packaging, indeed! LOL.
I’m not wrong for the packaging lah. It’s BIG YES so cute and the travel friendly size makes it so perfect to go into my makeup pouch. Seems like I wanna bring it everywhere I go ahahaa... Well, it came in a transparent plastic bottle with pump. Btw, the travel size packaging is actually same as the full sized product. I personally like pump bottle because it will be more hygienic when we want to take out the foundation itself.
Now move to the content. Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW is a liquid type foundation. It has watery-creamy texture and lightweight. I like it because I don’t need so much effort to blend it on my face. You can apply it with brush, sponge or even your fingers easily. It’s easy like easssyyy...
The shade is Champagne. I don’t know why Benefit pick this shade for their “Light” makeup kit because this shade is actually on the third number of Hello Flawless foundie. And yes as I mentioned, I was a bit surprised with how yellowish the undertoned it is! But free of worry, awhile after blended into my skin it turns lighter *thank God* but I still got the yellowish undertone. Not a big problem lah. It has satin finish, neither matte nor dewy. This is a good combination since the Porefessional is matte.
This foundation has sheer to medium coverage. You can apply two layer without feeling heavy since the texture is light. If you sheer apply it, you’ll get the natural look like your second skin. However, I wish getting lighter shade than this. Or at least the pink undertoned one.

3.      BOI-ING 01 & 02 (2 x 1.5 g)

Boing boing! Yes, Benefit included two shades of concealer in this kit. Here’s I got no. 01 which is light and 02 for light-medium. It comes in a thin plastic jar and each shade is 1.5 gram. It’s an enough amount for the kit lah since we don’t use concealer to our whole face, do we?
The form of this Boi-ing concealer is compact but creamy-powdery in texture. You can check out the swatches of both shades on the picture below. See? The light shade is coming in bright and pale ivory meanwhile the second shade is almost light beige. These colors are perfect for my skin, now thank to Benefit ^u^
I use the first shade to cover up my under eye area and the second one for covering blemishes. I often mix both colors to conceal any imperfections, and that works well. If you’re wondering about how great this cutie pie’s power, please look at the pictures below.
As you can see, I have a little black dot on my back hand (that’s my mole, LOL), exactly in the red circle area. I mix both shades to conceal the mole and you can see the result in the red heart area. This product is great, imo. It covers up well and blend naturally too.
On the other hand, I have to say that it’s kinda tricky to get the best result using this concealer. You have to know the right way how to apply it. First time, I used brush to apply it and that was so terrible choice. I got the cakey-ness and the result was bitchy! It also dried up around blemishes and created ugly dots, like I’m having fungus on my skin, LOL.
So I changed my technique by using my fingertip. This way works more more better. I warm up the concealer between my tumbs and fingertip and just apply lightly to get the natural finish by gently patting my fingertip instead of rubbing it over area I want to conceal. Before that, make sure that your skin is moistened well to avoid dryness. Once you knew the right way to apply it, you will take it as your holy grail!

4.      Hello Flawless Powder - “Me, Vain?” Champagne (4.0 g)

The fourth product in this makeup kit is the Hello Flawless Powder which is the last step in order to get flawless skin with Benefit. Ah, it also comes with the mini brush. So let’s talk about it first.
The brush is in black color which is looking elegant and not cheapy, moreover there’s a carving(?) of word “benefit” there. The brush itself is smooth and doesn’t fall off easily. Nevertheless, I never use this brush to apply the powder because the handle is too short. I like to use my regular round brush because the rounded shape brush is more comfortable to spread powder. For this benefit’s brush, I still use it to make highlight on my nose bridge :D

Moving on... This Hello Flawless Powder is a compact powder with smooth texture. Honestly, the beads feels so soft over my skin and not clumpy. Unlike the liquid foundation which is sooo yellowish undertoned, the powder has friendly shade for my skin. I got the shade in Champagne, same like the foundie, but this is light beige with no yellowish tone. And the coverage is sheer with matte finish.
Unfortunately, like no other products in this makeup kit that come into travel size, I can’t bring this powder without taking the diary box too. Because the powder itself is adhered on the box.

This makeup kit really helps everyone who wants to get a flawless skin. The combination of each product is awesome. The Porefessional works well as a face primer viz minimize pores, good enough oil control and giving your skin extra smooth texture. The liquid foundation gives you a satin finish without feeling heavy, though it’s too yellow for my skin. You are closer to your flawless skin by using the Boi-ing concealer that has good coverage but still lightweight. It can hide your imperfections like blemishes, panda’s eyes or redness on your skin. Then complete the steps by sweeping the powder to seal your makeup and make it long last. And you’re there, the flawless skin!

In fact, I thought this Benefit makeup kit is my dream comes true to get my flawless skin. For about 5 or 6 days using it daily, yes it was! But the next day, I started getting blemishes and some pimples on my cheeks and forehead. I didn’t feel either itchy or reddish on my face. So I thought it was normal during my PMS. I was so stupid because then I realised that I’ve just got my period that month. Ha!
At that time, I already got some blemishes and count it. One, two, three.... Aaarrgghhh!!! DAMN IT!
It must be my own fault *please forgive me, my skin!* So I started reading the ingredients again. I notice that benefit gives a caution on the kit box for Hello Flawless products, both the foundie and the powder. “Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear” Besides, I found that one of the active ingredient of those product is Octinoxate. Some of sensitive skin, including mine is not friendly with this content although in a small percentage. OMG, I WAS BLIND WHY I DIDN’T READ THAT CLEARLY??!

Well, I’m not sure whether Octinoxate or others that caused breakout on my face, but then I stop using the foundie and powder. After that, the blemishes and pimples stop appearing too. I dared myself to continue using The Porefessional and Boi-ing concealer. Lucky, those don’t cause any trouble on my face until now.
I am a crying baby looking at the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation of mine in my makeup box and can’t use it anymore. What a pity me since the foundie is the cutest product of those four. And I so so soo much love the packaging, bzzz... 

Anyway, I regret why I didn’t take selfie while using this makeup kit on my face because if anyone ask me to use all the four products again, I will say, “Hell...No!” Hehehee... Forgive me, I really don’t want to take the risk by using it anymore.

In the end, Idk how much stars I should give to this Benefit makeup kit... I’m damn disappointed with 2 of those 4 products and there’s none who able to be blamed since, in fact, my skin is so sensitive. As personal, I give it 2.5 stars of 5 because of the breakouts. But I will recommend this makeup kit to everyone with normal or friendly skin who wants to get a makeup kit for flawless skin. Yeah, you should try this one!
What do you think guys? Have you ever tried any Benefit product too? Please share with me...



  1. good review and lovely product(s)! aku juga banyak denger rave bagus tentang si porefessional yet i haven't try that in real wkwkwk.. masih trauma sama silikon...

  2. Salam kenal juga :D
    I'm followed your blog btw, thanks for follow each other :D

  3. Packaging nya aduh cute bgt mirip buku*-* foundationnya yellow undertone.. mungkin cocok sama aku karena aku yellow undertone juga. Tapi produk benefit mahal2 sih aku ga kuat belinya wkwk xD nice post kak. Lengkap banget :)

  4. Afterall, Korean products still the best choice ya! The packaging is so cute though :)


    1. yes, indeed... I love Korean products so much more^^

  5. Aw no, these products are all so cute, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience! I have sensitive skin too so I will beware using these in the future, great review though and I love your flower photo! I've followed you on GFC :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  6. Oh my gosh~ eike juga pingin ini duoooong~ Dan iyep kita sama, kepinginnya gara2 foundationnya lol katanya kan bagus buat yang oily, dan aku super oily jadi penasaraaaaaan banget, tunggu estee lauderku habis, mungkin mau cobain foundationnya <333

  7. waa.. ada ci Merry!
    foundie-nya memang unyu maksimal ci, sayang di aku bikin breakout>.<
    di aku oil control nya lumayan sih, tapi tetep harus di set pakai powder..

    1. semua foundation kayaknya emang harus di set pakai bedak deh hahaha...

      sayang ya di kamu breakout, tapi itu beneran karena foundationnya kah?

    2. hihii..iya sih, kebanyakan pakai BB cream sih aku XD

      kalau di aku iya foundie-nya bikin breakout sama powder nya jugaa. soalnya setelah brenti pakai, breakoutnya nggak muncul lagi. aku emang nggak cocokan kalau pakai USA brands, ci. padahal benefit kan termasuk high end brand, jadi permasalahan 100% emang di kulitku sih...T.T

    3. Ooooh gitu to, emang cocok2an sih, aish aku jadi bingung mau cobain apa gak, secara harganya mehong uhuhuhu

    4. kalau kulit dikau enggak sombong alias enggak mudah breakout, cobain aja ci..teksturnya ringan dan mudah nge-blend kok...
      emang mehong-nya yg bikin pikir2 1000 kali hihii..
      aku aja nyesel belinya, mending beli brand korea bisa dapet macem2..XD

  8. i have the same kit and i looove it x

    1. the cute packaging makes me love it too..
      thank you for stopping by Daria^^


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