Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Hello hello beauty people! Come join us playing in the garden!
Wait... I think someone is missing! Where’s Doraemon?

Ah~ Here’s he is! He has just had a meeting with A’Pieu for their collaboration I think. LOL LOL ^u^

Well, this cushion is coming from A’Pieu. For you who doesn’t know this brand, A’Pieu is a sister brand of Missha from Korea. Honestly, I didn’t know this brand until they have a booming collaboration with one of the famous character from Japan. A’Pieu X Doraemon.

I love Doraemon since I was little. So when I heard about their collab, I decided to buy one of their product which is Air-Fit Cushion. Actually they have lotta cute products from this collaboration like jelly tints, eyebrow powder, cushion blusher, mini eye-pallete and others. All in the Doraemon extra kawaii package. I want them all, ahaha. But in the reason I haven’t tried A’Pieu and couldn’t find lot of reviews about this brand, so I just try the Air-Fit Cushion first.

I should write this review months ago since I bought it in 2015, but it’s still okay, right? So scrolling down and see more about Air-Fit A’Pieu Cushion Doraemon Edition^^




13.5 g + 13.5 g Refill + Air Puff 1 ea

USD 15.00

As they made it to a special set, a box of this product consists of a cutie Doraemon case with cushion, one cushion refill and one air in puff. Hmmm... It’s very affordable for the price around USD 15.00 or under IDR 200,000, imo.

The description is written in Hangul Korea and A’Pieu doesn’t include the English brochure btw T.T Don’t worry, I write the English description for you below ;D


  • Air-Light Powder’s gives light and clear application giving natural make up finish.
  • Used mineral water instead of water for clean and moisture skin.

  • ‘Rolling System’ with skin curves giving clean and even application.

  • ‘Airy Cover Powder’ gives silky comfortable skin coverage.

  • Aloe / tea tree extract gives comfort on sensitive skin.

  • Patent ingredient avocado peptide gives healthy elastic skin.


Who can resist this hella cute case? Exactly, not Me! Since I don’t really know about this brand, the first reason why I bought it was its cute package. As you can see, there’s Doraemon face printed on the case. Whole face over it!

It’s made from plastic but doesn’t look cheapy since Doraemon’s face makes it look kawaii, indeed. Compared with other cushions like Laneige, Iope or Etude, this one is smaller and lighter in weight. But don’t worry because the case is sturdy enough though it’s made from plastic. Frankly, I like it because this cushion is travel friendly and so handy. It’s perfect as my pouch-mate.

Anyway, I don’t have to describe more, just enjoy the pictures here because all the things I can say is cute, Cute, CUTE!!! \(^w^)/

A thing I like from using cushion product is because of the air puff. It helps us to spread the content quickly, also the air puff technology will enable us to control the product amount without leaving a lot of foundie absorbed into the puff. It’s more effective and efficient, of course.

The interesting thing I found from the air puff of A’Pieu is its huge good quality. Even if I should compare it with Laneige’s air puff from their Pore Control BB Cushion. Oh seriously, Laneige?! O_O

I’m serious, this fuwa fuwa air puff is so soft and puffy. I really appreciate with the quality of this air puff. Good job A’Pieu!


I like the smell for sure though it’s kinda strong. Even you can smell it once you open the screen under the air puff. The smell is fresh with a hint of floral scent. Since my nose is not that sensitive, so far the smell doesn’t bother me at all. Well, I like it tho ;P


Like many others cushion products, Air-Fit A’Pieu Cushions has very light texture. It’s not like that watery, but I can’t say that it’s creamy enough. You know lah, it’s ‘cushion-creamy’ texture. It is easy to blend out over my face and neck area. And since it’s very light, I don’t feel like wearing a mask on my face. I think it’s very suitable for daily use or anytime you want a natural makeup look.


Lately I know that A’Pieu has lighter shade than other brands usually have. I’m usually in No. 21 which is light beige, so I picked the same number too for this product. In the fact, it’s a little bit lighter on my face. Fortunately, it’s still tolerable for my skin tone. The good point is the shade of this cushion works well to brighten up my skin instantly.

Talking about the coverage, Air-Fit Cushion’s coverage is just so so. It has light and sheer coverage for red blemishes but works pretty nice to camouflage the dark eyes area. My advice, if you want more coverage, using you concealer is better than reapply this cushion on your face. The more you apply this product, it will be more cakey. That’s why I like to use it when I want a natural daily look or everytime I have a very good skin condition. Because I get the best look with this cushion when I apply it lightly and sheer.

On the pictures, you can see my red blemish is still noticeable.

Please, ignore my silly face >.<   You can see my blemishes there, right?

This cushion will give you semi-matte finish with no moist effect. I think it’s more suitable for combination to oily skin. Unfortunately, you still need your the-best-oil-control-compact-powder to keep your face from oily ugly face because this cushion has not too good oil control. On my face, it just stays about 2-3 hours free-shine. After that, the product will meltdown. So, I don’t want to use this cushion when I have outdoor activities although it contains very high sun protection, SPF50+/PA+++.

Idk, but somehow I find clumpy residue under my eyes area and my smile-lines after hours using this cushion. Normally it just happen when I apply the product a bit thicker. So yeah, as I mentioned before, I just like using it when I need no high coverage on my face so I can apply it slightly.

What I Like :

·  Love the CUTE packaging like CRAZY!!!

·  Affordable price

·  High SPF50+ / PA+++

·  Light texture suitable for daily

·  Brighten up my skin and no breakout

What I Dislike :

·  Less coverage

·  Oil control is so so

·  NO moist effect

·  Cakey after hours

I’ll give it 3 stars of 5. I have to admit that I’m not that satisfied with this product, EXCEPT for its package. LOL

I think this product is the best for people with flawless and radiant skin. For me, I just use it when my skin is in her happy mood (read: good condition) Anyway, since I really love the Doraemon cute case, now I replace the cushion inside with my Laneige’s cushion. So I bring A’Pieu Doraemon case in my pouch but actually the content is Laneige’s. LOL. Yah, a little cheating trick is okay lah! Ahahaa...

What do you think about this product guys? Lemme know...^^

Where to buy : Korea Buys




  1. Very good detailed review, thanks and best wishes for your blog =)

    Just followed you back via GFC.



  2. Packagingnya lucu banget :3 biru2 doraemon gitu :3 pengambilan fotonya juga bagus. Reviewnya lengkap.. Thanks for sharing ya^^


    1. iyaa, packaging nya paling enggak nahan^u^
      thank you udah mampir Arda;)

  3. At least, Laneige still at the top ya! Nice review Cintya, packagingnya super cute <3



    1. Iya, Chelshea... kalau sama Laneige jelas kualitasnya jauh beda..
      thanks for visiting^^

  4. Great post !! :D
    i follow you now on Gfc


  5. wooow this has the cutest design ever! i love doraemon hah x
    just followed you, would love it if you could do the same back! xx


    1. yesss,, it's cute overload especially for Doraemon lovers^^
      sure, I'll visit your blog Daria;)

  6. Ahh it's Doraemon!!! Super cute! Can't believe they have products like this with him and his friends. :)

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  7. omg this is super cute! i need this in my life! :D
    i'm following you via gfc like you asked :) follow me back pleaase ^^

  8. yes, you should try this cutie pie dear^^

  9. omg!! lucuuu bangeeeet casenyaa, matte pula hasilnya. selalu pengen coba cushion, tapi rata2 shadenyagak masuk kekulit ku, jadinya ntar malah abu2-_-
    btw, sampe indo harganya jadi brp kak??


    1. hai, ija! lupa sih aku harga pastinya berapa. yg jelas cushion ini muraahhh bgt kalo dbandingin yg lainnya. enggak sampe 200rb!hihii..

  10. Hi just bought this cushion , and only use it once because I felt too shiny leaves my face , I could not see matte or semi - matte . The only thing I liked your coverage .


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