Saycintya is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog shares about beauty, fashion, reviews, tutorial, and anything else based on my own experiences and feelings. The products reviewed are bought by my money and sometimes I get them from my friends or sponsors. The opinions on this blog are purely mine and not affected by others, including the sponsors.

The products I reviewed are based on my experience using it. Please note that the result of each person may be different. The products that work well on me may not work well on you, or otherwise. Because everyone is different depends on each skin types, conditions and lifestyle.

Most of the pictures on this blog are taken by me and I put my watermark/logo there. You are allowed to download and use those pictures, except for commercial use. Please put the credit and don’t remove the watermark/logo if you use my pictures. And it would be better if you ask my permission first by email.
I will put the credit or link for the pictures I may used if those are not mine. If you are the owner of those pictures and do not wish to appear on this blog, please contact me (saycintya@gmail.com) and the pictures will be removed as your request.

For questions about this blog or if you are interested to sponsor this blog, invite me to join an event or any other business inquiry, please contact me by email : saycintya@gmail.com


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