Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Beautiful Pink Prom Dresses 2018, Latest Formal Party Dress | Millybridal

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hi lovely readers!

Do you love pink? Most of us may love this cute yet feminine color, right?
I am not sure when exactly I felt in love with pink color, but right now I always find myself obsessed with everything pinky. I also go to pinky-makeup look too for my daily look. This color suits me very well and it reflects my personality in real.

Some of us may think that pink looks too childish, but aside from that, pink is one of the most trendy color in every year. Personally, I never think it is childish, but it looks very feminine, cute and pretty. Hence I love wearing pink in any occasion. I also wore pink dress in prom night.

If you do not like wearing pink dresses because you are afraid if you’ll look too childish, then think it again. You may need pink dresses in right design to make your appereance looks totally girly without looking too much in your ages.

In this video, you may get some inspirations to find your best pink dresses for your special prom or other occasions. The designs are adorable but the price is affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Ah, these beautiful pink dresses are from MillyBridal.
Find out some of their amazing collection in this video. Want to see more? Please follow MillyBridal’s social media(s) and visit their official site by clicking this link!



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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
    Xoxo, Victoria

  2. I LOVE pink!!! These pink prom dresses from Millybridal look gorgeous! I love the extremely feminine colour, fabrics and styling of the dresses.

  3. I love pink! Dresses are so cute ♥ Nice post. Have a nice day~

  4. Oh very cute prom dresses darling

  5. I don't like pink, but these dresses look wonderful <3
    Have a nice week
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