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Hello everyone!

When talking about wedding party, we agree that the bride and groom have to prepare a lot of things to make their party perfect. Well, it’s not only about the theme, wedding dress or cake. There is another thing which is as important as the wedding dress. It’s the bridesmaid dresses!

Bridesmaid dresses are one of the most important considerations of the wedding preparation. While the central attention of the wedding ceremony are the bride and groom, bridesmaids draw a large part of the attendees’ attention as well, therefore, the bridesmaid dresses have a lot of relevance.
When you probably found your dream wedding dress, now it’s time to prepare other gowns for your girls. Rather than confused whether should pick classic or sexy bridesmaid dresses, here are some simple guides to you for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses to your perfect wedding party. anggun

Select The Dress Color

One of the easiest methods for this step is to play off of the color schemes of the venue and the season. For instance, if your wedding will be held at a rustic vineyard with burgundy decor, you will probably want to rule out bright yellow dresses. Rich colors like marsala and emerald, work well in the fall and winter months, while lighter colors like mint and lavender are perfect for spring and summer. anggun anggun

You could also make it more fun by considering prints. For example, floral-print bridesmaid dresses which are hot right now. The underline part is patterns work best in smaller parties and should be paired with simple accessories. And also, you could pick a general shade like white. Though it’s kinda crisp and classic but white dresses will look something chic on every skintone. anggun

Match With Your Own Dress anggun

Please think about your gown and overall wedding style. Is the style classic, vintage, or maybe modern? Your bridesmaids’ dresses should fit the entire theme. If you’re wearing a bohemian lace dress, your maids might look out of place in formal taffeta dresses. The main point is make the bridesmaid dresses match with your wedding dress. anggun anggun

Find The Right Fit

A bridesmaid dress is usually ordered using a person's biggest measurements, so your girls will likely buy dresses at least a size larger than they normally wear. If a friend wants to buy a size smaller, let her know it's much easier to alter a bigger dress, and if the dress ends up being too small, she will likely have to order a new one and you'd hate for that to happen :D anggun

Give Some Freedom in Style

You are allowed to go to any length for the dresses. Mixing hemline heights lets everyone choose what works best on her body. Plus, it makes the gang look more interesting as a whole. Change it up within the group, or keep the ’maids in short frocks. anggun

Consider The Cost

When you buy the dresses for your bridemaids, it is important too to think about the prices. I know, most of us like to buy cheap bridesmaid dresses but on the other side, the dresses should have high quality too. Every bride may have different budget to their bridesmaid dresses but I’m sure you could find your best bridesmaid dresses on newarrivaldress with the best price too.

I hope some tips above will help you to choose the best bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party!


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  1. Such a great tips Cyntia, memang sih bridesmaid dress ini perlu diperhatikan banget terutama style masing-masing orang yang akan jadi bridesmaid kan beda" ya, jadi harus disesuaikan :) Nice post as always!



  2. Althought there is no tradition to having bridesmaids on the wedding in my country, I really like your tips and thoughts, in my opinion considering the cost and finding the real fit are the most important ones :)

  3. Great post :)
    I'm following you ♥
    Visit my blog if you want ♥

  4. I love these excellent tips and the photos of all the very pretty bridesmaid dresses! I can see how choosing could be difficult, but I love this methodical approach of going about it - even though the decisions would still be hard. I love the lace dresses, the colours, the flared dresses, the bodycon dresses, the looks of the silky fabrics, the sheer fabrics and tulle, and the embroidery. Great tips and a wonderful array of dresses pictured!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress – so romantic! I wish I had some worthwhile dates to go on so I could wear something like this!


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