Saturday, February 18, 2017


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Good day all! Hello~ I’m back to this blog!

Before we start this post, let me say sorry very much to my sponsors since I publish the post too late from the deadline. Because I got an accident and have been stayed for recovery. That’s exhausting, actually. But thank God, I am fine already right now.
So, today I will share to you all about some tips how to make your white top looks more playful, especially for your casual look. Also, I will give you my review about three items that I got from
Let’s start!

Well, if I ask you to check your wardrobe, I believe that all of us have white top there, at least one. Based on me, I have more than one, a lot instead. Literally I love white tops since it could be matched with any other fashion items easily. Moreover, white color looks clear and innocent too. But some people may think that white tops are boring and hella old. If you think that same, I will helps you to change your white tops more playful while you’re wearing it.

Coba cek isi lemari kalian, deh. Pasti ada aja baju atasan yang berwarna putih, minimal satu lah. Yups, atasan putih seolah jadi item wajib yang ada di lemari. Selain sering dipakai untuk acara formal misal wawancara kerja, atasan warna putih juga gampang banget dipadu-padankan sama item lain. Mau dikasih celana jeans, skirt atau outer lainnya, oke aja.

Aku sendiri punya cukup banyak atasan warna putih soalnya warna putih bisa membuat penampilan kita lebih bersih dan kelihatan innocent. Nah, sayangnya beberapa orang mungkin berpikir kalau atasan warna putih itu bikin boring alias membosankan. So, agar atasan putih kalian enggak kelihatan jadul dan monoton, coba baca beberapa trik sederhana yang aku tulis di bawah ini!


When we wear plain white tops with lack pattern or design, it’s better to choose attractive bottom wears. I mean, instead of usual jeans or denim pants, we should wear ripped jeans. It will give us other focus on our whole outfit.

If want any girly look, high waist skirt is a good choice. Pick anything with bright colors instead of the one with neutral colors. The bright colors will give fresh and youthful looks.
On this photo, I’m wearing High Neck Crop Top Fluffy Long Sleeves which I combined with peach high waist skirt.

This high neck crop top is very fluffy with super soft cotton material. Though it’s so fluffy, the thing I like is it doesn’t feel itchy on my skin. This is the best to used on winter and autumn since this top is warm. Right now is a perfect time using this white top as the weather is windy in my town.
Other thing I love from this top is the material is not heavy. The simple design with its solid pattern could be used for casual occasions.

Saat memakai atasan putih yang polos atau minim ornamen, kita sebaiknya fokus pada bawahan yang kita pakai. Kalau biasanya kita suka pakai skinny jeans atau denim polos, maka untuk membuat atasan putih enggak terlihat membosankan, coba pakai ripped jeans.
Opsi lain buat yang enggak suka pants sobek-sobek dan ingin tampil girly, aku sarankan buat pakai high waist skirt. Kalau atasan yang kalian pakai putih polos, pilih bawahan yang colorful biar kelihatan ceria. Enaknya, atasan putih mudah masuk saat dikombinasikan dengan warna apapun.
Di sini aku memakai High Neck Crop Top Fluffy Long Sleeves warna putih yang aku kombinasikan dengan high waist skirt warna peach.

Atasan warna putih polos dengan model high neck ini sangat fluffy dengan bahan yang lembut banget. Dan yang aku suka meskipun dia lembut kayak bulu kucingku, tapi bahannya enggak bikin gatal di kulit. Atasan dengan model dan bahan kayak gini cocok banget dipakai pas lagi musim dingin atau saat cuaca berangin seperti sekarang ini.
Oh ya, atasan ini juga enggak terasa berat saat dipakai tapi karena bahannya yang fluffy jadi terasanya hangat. Desainnya memang polos tapi masih tetap menarik karena teksturnya yang fluffy. Cocok dipakai untuk acara kasual.


To make your white tops look playful and not boring, wear accessories to complete your style. We could choose necklace, pin or maybe brooch. Add accessories seems like a simple thing but totally change your look.

As you can see on photo, I wear Charm Long Leaf Pendant Necklace on my High Neck Crop Top Fluffy Long Sleeves. By wearing unique accessories, your plain white top won’t be boring anymore.
Fyi, I chose this necklace because of its fashionable and pretty design. The material is quite sturdy but not heavy at all.

Agar baju putih yang kita pakai enggak monoton dan lebih menarik, kita bisa menambahkan aksesoris untuk mempercantik penampilan. Bisa pakai kalung, pin atau bros sesuai selera. Kelihatannya simpel, tapi hal ini akan mengubah penampilan secara drastis.
Bisa dilihat pada photo di atas, aku pakai tambahan aksesoris di atas high neck white top-ku, yaitu Charm Long Leaf Pendant Necklace, kalung dengan liontin berbentuk selembar daun. Jadi atasan warna putih polos enggak kelihatan boring lagi.
Aku pilih kalung ini karena modelnya unik dan manis banget. Selain itu bahannya juga enggak berat tapi tetap kuat dan nggak mudah patah.

Other option besides wearing the accessories is choose white tops with pretty ornaments and designs. Like me wearing Ice Cream Tops Pullover Sweatshirt!

This sweater doesn’t need too much accessories anymore. It doesn’t have a lot of pattern, but look at the ice cream on the center. So cute yet pretty! In addition, it’s made from soft and warm material. Very comfortable for daily casual look, especially on these windy days.

I'm wearing Ice Cream Tops Pullover Sweatshirt (White) from

Selain memakai aksesoris tambahan, kita juga bisa memilih baju putih yang punya hiasan atau motif lucu. Seperti aku yang memilih pakai Ice Cream Tops Pullover Sweatshirt dari
Sweater kayak gini enggak butuh tambahan aksesoris lagi. Modelnya sih simpel, tapi coba lihat ice cream yang ada di tengah bajunya. Cute dan manis banget! Cocok untuk kalian yang suka tampilan cute tapi enggak mau neko-neko.
Sweater ini sendiri nyaman banget saat dipakai. Bahannya lembut, empuk dan hangat di badan. Cocok dipakai buat daily apalagi saat cuaca dingin dan berangin kayak sekarang.


If you don’t wanna look boring while wearing white plain top, let people focus on your face. You could play with your makeup. To look playful and pretty, use bright color on your lips. I choose bright pink lips color and add lipgloss on top. I also use green softlenses.

Don’t forget to make playful hairstyle like side messy bun hair. Or if you have limited time, the easiest way to style your hair is by using Rose Hair Extensions. They have a lot of great and adorable hair extension collections. All is very easy to used and give you perfect hairstyle instantly.

Jika takut baju putih yang kita pakai terlihat boring, alihkan perhatian orang ke wajah kita. Bikin kreasi makeup yang terlihat playful tapi enggak norak. Kalian bisa pilih warna-warna cerah biar kelihatan ceria dan youthful. Misalnya pakai lipstik dengan warna bright pink dan ditambah lipgloss. Bisa juga pakai softlenses warna hijau biar mata terlihat atraktif (sebenarnya ini alibi gegara aku enggak pinter bikin eyemakeup, ahahaa!)

Kalian juga bisa bikin hairstyle yang unik, misalnya messy bun yang dibuat di samping. Atau kalau enggak punya banyak waktu, kalian bisa pakai Rose Hair Extensions. Di sana ada banyak koleksi hair extensions yang keren dan patut dicoba. Pakainya juga mudah, tinggal clip-clip langsung jadi cantik secara instan.

Well, that’s all! Now, we don’t have to worry anymore while wearing white tops, do we? I hope my tips help you.
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See ya on my next post!~~


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  4. high neck top nya kalo di-mix sama rok warna pastel gitu keliatan cute bangeett<3

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  8. So sorry, dear Cintya, you had an accident. Hopefully you are totally recovered now! I love it to wear white tops and you look amazing in each of them you show here <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank you, Rena. It's glad that I've just recovered now:)
      Thank you for stopping by:)

  9. Oh, sorry to hear about your accident, dear Cintya, but I'm happy that you're feeling better now :) What about white tops, personally I like them a lot, because they must-have in every wardrobe, when it comes to your outfits, I love the one with peach skirt :)

    Have a lovely evening dear,

    1. Thank you, dear Ivonne:)
      Me too, I love white top a lot and have some on my wardrobe:)

  10. You are such a cutie! Love your outfits :)

  11. Kamu kecelakaan apa Cintya :(( OMG, pantes aja aku berasa kamu nggak online di blog kayak sebulanan :( Hope you're fully recovered already dear :)
    Btw, cantik banget baju" nya di kamu, totally cute! Especially white long sleeves turtle neck paired with pink flare skirt, so chic! <3



    1. Kesrempet pas mau nyebrang, Chel. hiks T.T Untung nggak parah...
      Thank you udah mampir, cantik:)

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