Friday, November 4, 2016


Friday, November 4, 2016

About three months ago, my friend gave me these skincare since I told her about my acne scars that make me going so frustrated. How sweet she is! *chu~
She told me that this whitening series works very well on her skin, especially its brightening effect. She lost her dull skin a lot after using these skincare around three weeks.

Alright, White Plus Renew series from Laneige, my favorite brand from Korea. I have to admit that my skin is unfriendly with whitening products. Most of the whitening products will cause breakout on my face, so I don’t want to waste my money trying them. But, since this White Plus Renew series is from the brand Laneige, which is I crazily fall in love with their Water Bank series, sooo why don’t give it a try?

This is trial kit version or travel pack size which consists of five products. You’ll get 5 items in a mini blue box. What you will get are:

  1. Original Essence White Plus Renew 10 ml
  2. White Plus Renew Skin Refiner 15 ml
  3. White Plus Renew Emulsion 15 ml
  4. White Plus Renew Original Cream 10 ml
  5. White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack 3 ml

And the steps to use this skincare are:

Skin refiner - emulsion - original essence - original cream - capsule sleeping pack

Now, let’s talk about the products one by one!

White Plus Renew Skin Refiner

Comes in a hard plastic bottle with its tiny size. Looks cute, imo *w* And btw, all the products package have description in Hangul only, no English translation, yes. And since it’s the trial version, they made the products in very simple and travel friendly package.

This Skin Refiner has watery texture with milky white colored. Also it has a lightweight formula which is not feel sticky on my face. I got fresh sensation a little while after the product absorbed completely. Besides, the scent of this product is soft floral and so refreshing. I like it.

On the other hand, the skin refiner runs out very quickly since the best way to use it is with cotton pad. But it is paid off because the result is good too. My skin is being smoother after applying this product. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy too.

White Plus Renew Emulsion

Though it comes with the same package but doesn’t like the Skin Refiner, the emulsion has a light creamy texture. The texture is kinda gel alike and not watery. The un-elastic package helps nothing when we want to take the product out. Yes, I need more effort to take it out from the bottle. I think it should be packed in a tube package.

The scent is similar with the skin refiner but this one is softer. It could be absorbed pretty fast but not as fast as the skin refiner. It doesn’t leave sticky or greasy feeling on my skin, so far so good. It makes my skin smoother than before but I feel no fresh sensation like the skin refiner.

Original Essence White Plus Renew

I like the packaging. It comes from plastic material but it is sturdy enough. They made it with pump bottle and somehow I think it’s very cute :p The pump is helpful to get the product out and keep it in clean storage.

I see it has the same texture with the emulsion but this Original Essence is more runny. From that, we could guess if this product is lightweight, and that’s absolutely right. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave greasy feeling on my face. I don’t see an instant brightening or whitening effect from it. Just feel like my skin is getting supple.

White Plus Renew Original Cream

If the others come in soft-blue colored package, the cream is in greyish mini tube package. I don’t have problem with the packaging at all as the travel friendly size makes it look cute. The thing I like from the whole packaging of this set is Laneige makes it in sturdy enough material.

The White Plus Renew Original Cream has creamy texture, of course la, it’s named cream. It’s like gel and a little biiitt thicker than the emulsion. It’s kinda sticky after absorbed on my skin and leave a bit glowy effect on my T-zone. By the way, my skin condition was in combination type when I’ve tried these products.
Like the others, I didn’t get the whitening effect instantly. It just makes my skin feel smoother.

White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack

They really made it in capsule package. And it is really like a capsule medicine. When you want to use it, you have to mix the products inside. You can see that it consists of two parts in the capsule. The transparent has gel texture while the middle part is more creamy. Sorry I forgot to capture the pictures after I mixed them, but actually the texture and color would be like the Original Cream.

I prefer The Water Bank Sleeping Pack than this one. Water Bank Sleeping Pack has lighter texture and cold sensation once I applied it on my face, this one doesn’t. WPR Capsule Sleeping Pack is a bit hard to absorb.
I was surprised for the result of this product. It’s not hydrating my skin, too bad. I don’t feel any great result on my face, like whitening or smoothing effect. It’s just like an ordinary sleeping pack. Well, once again, Water Bank Sleeping Pack is much better than this one.


Each product has similar floral scent, feminine and relaxing. I like the scent.
From all, I like Skin Refiner the most. It’s really lightweight and refresh my skin gently. The Original Cream and Capsule Sleeping Pack are bit ticky on my skin.
I’ve ever read on the internet that Laneige White Plus Renew series will give you a brighter skin result in two weeks. Sorry to say, I only used it for about 9-10 days. Why? Because my skin was getting dryer and some pimples appeared. Geez!

As I said before, my skin is not that friendly with whitening products. Mostly will cause unwanted results. Besides, my skin condition was really really bad and sensitive. So, when the bad signs appeared, I stop using these products.
Here’s the conclusion, I didn’t get the complete brightening effect yet since I only used it for 9 days. But I feel my redish and dull skin after breakout is abit less than before.
My skin became dryer after a week using these skincare. It’s okay for my T-zone area but for the dry area, it’s so terrible. The worst is the pimples attack! Haha, for this one I think it’s just my skin which couldn’t be whitening product’s friend.

I have to appreciate Laneige because they made this series in trial kit for us. The price is more affordable than buying the full size. If you are curious with these White Plus Renew series and your skin is not that sensitive with whitening products, so go straight buy the trial kit version. If you like the result on your skin then you could buy the full size. But for me, nope. I’m turning back for The Water Bank series.


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  1. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. So sweet reviews
    Kisses for you

  3. Such a lovely post!
    LOVE IT you have nice blog!

  4. Great post dear

  5. These products look great.

  6. How wonderful that even the scent is so pleasant! Many thanks for the detailed review as the products are all new for me.
    xx Rena

  7. Sorry to hear that this experience with new products wasn't totally friendly for your skin, personally I also have very sensitive skin, so I totally understand you.

    1. Yes, Ivonne. We have to be really careful to choose skin care due to our sensitive skin..

  8. MAgnific review and product my dear
    kisses for you

  9. too bad it doesn't works well on your skin..

  10. indeed:'( Padahal yg Water Bank series cocok banget...

  11. Lengkap banget ya trial kitnya. Huhu aku jadi pengen nyoba yg ini.
    Salam kenal ya hehe

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  13. Replies
    1. itu aku dikasih sama temen, jadi kurang tau dia beli dimana. setau ku di instagram banyak yg jual kok. coba aja cek di @beautyglowing atau search #juallaneige pasti banyak yg jual :)

  14. paketan seperti itu habis untuk berapa kali pemakaian kak? Berarti lebih bagus hasil dari yg seri water bank ya?

    Silakan mampir ya kak


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