Friday, October 9, 2015


Friday, October 9, 2015

Hi lovelies! Nice to post another product review again.

I know all of you must be familiar with this brand. Koji Dolly Wink product is directored by the famous Gyaru Icon, Tsubasa Masuwaka from Japan. I never have any hesitation about the quality of Dolly Wink products. All of the Dolly Wink I have are so great and amajjing la..

This time the Dolly Wink I’ll be reviewed is the eyebrow mascara. It has three different colors which are gold brown based. I bought color number 2 in Mocha. I heard that Dolly Wink has upgraded the version of their eyebrow mascara series. So, please notice that mine is the old one. Fyi, I bought it around a year ago ;p

Talking about its packaging, Dolly Wink never fail to get my attention buying their products. And I always love the photograph of Tsu Chan in every their package. She’s so cute and very beautiful! :*

Go ahead to my review. I love the bottle that is simple but looks cute. Love the daisy flower too, tehee...

When I opened the bottle, it feels so comfortable with the cap size. It fits well to my hand.

Now take a look at the mascara applicator. The brush is quite long and thin, like it. It will help us to apply the eyebrow mascara in order to get a neat result. So do not worry about messy result anymore.

The color itself is a gold brown color. Very pretty la. I think color number 1 and 2 are similar and the third one is the darkest. Since I had a light brown hair color, so I decided to choose color number 2.

It has a soft creamy texture with no disturbing smell. If you look closely, you will find that this eyebrow mascara contains of glitters. I was afraid about this. I don’t want to look like a wtf gal with bling bling brow style la, LOL. 

Surprisingly, the glitters will be unseen once you apply it onto your eyebrow. Geez, so relief about that...

I love the color which is really match with my hair color. And happily to tell you that it’s waterproof too, no wonder as it’s a DOLLY WINK huh? :p

sorry for the messy swatches...>.<

in my brow

blend so well with my hair color ne?

Since it’s waterproof, so don’t ask about the staying power. This DW eyebrow mascara is exactly long last, gals. I started using it in the morning and it still stays so damn well until the night without smudge. Awesome, isn’t it?

The thing I loved about waterproof Dolly Wink products is it can be cleaned easily with warm water. So that  I do not need a waterproof makeup remover hahaa.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m not using this product anymore. It’s not because I don’t like it. No no no!  I really super love it instead. But then I changed my light hair color and dyed it with a black one, so I’m not using it anymore. The light brown color of this eyebrow mascara doesn’t match with my dark hair color now days. Still I definitely will continue using it again when I get a light hair color next day ;D

What I Like :
-          Cute packaging

-          Long and thin brush for neat result

-          Makes your face look brighter instantly

-          Waterproof and smudgeproof

-          Long lasting ! Long lasting !!!

What I dislike:
-          NOTHING !!!

Rating??? Absolutely 5 stars given!

So, have you tried this amajjing Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara yet? Let me know if you like it or not. Really glad if you share your experience and comments bellow. Thanks for reading and stopping by. See you in next post.



  1. Waktu itu pingin beli dolly wink, tapi gak kuat harganya, jadi diriku melipir ke sebelahnya XD cezanne atau canmake harganya lebih murmer kalau di jepun XD

  2. iya ce, dolly wink mahal2 tapi kualitasnya emang oke... ^u^

  3. Iya ya, mungkin kapan2 coba deh, kalau gak galau liat harganya lagi sih XD waktu itu juga sempet pingin beli bulmatnya, tapi bok nyesek banget liat harganya << pelit hahahaha


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