Thursday, October 15, 2015


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hi there!

Today’s post is for nail art tutorial. I’m not a pro nail artist actually, so forgive me for this amateur tutorial. Well, at least we’re gonna have fun ya?! Tehee...

In this tutorial I use Pokari and Just Miss nail polish bought from Stoberi and Naughty stores in my town. It’s cheap and I think it’s a local product. But I found that the quality is pretty good so... let’s get started!

I like soft and pastel color for my nails, so I choose soft pink color using Pokari Nail Polish 02 in Strawberry Milk and for bling bling effect, I use Just Miss glitter nail polish number 107 and other brand, idk what the name, in pink glitter color.

First, make sure that the nails are clean and healthy. 

Then I start applying the Pokari Strawberry Milk. I’m so in love with this color because it’s so light and sweet color. Makes my nails look bright and lovely. 

Next, I put the pink glitter nail polish on my point finger’s nail and apply the silver glitter one on half of my other nails. It’s optional, I mean you can decorate and use the nail polish like whatever you want.

Since I can’t draw on nails properly, so for the flower decorations I use Nail Art Sticker, choose pinky flower pattern. Using nail art stickers is so easy. Just detach them and patch on your nails. 
And have a beautiful art on your nails just in seconds!

But you must be careful when you detach them or you will be ripped them as it’s so small and thin in size.

You can choose 3D nail sticker to get more beautiful art like when you have Acrylic Nail Art in nail salon.

Play your creativities gals. You can put the flower pattern anywhere you like. And the last step, don’t forget to use top coat for making your nail art long last and more glossy.

Well, sometimes we don’t have to spend a lot of money in nail salon to get a beautiful nail art. We can get the attractive nail look just by using those cheap tools though. We don’t have to go to the nail salon and do it in home. I’m sure it gives us an exercise to improve our creativity too gals. And yeah it’s cheap, easy and fun!

Thanks for reading guys. How’s your way to have fun with your nails? Tell me on the comment box ya. I’d like to read that. See you in next post.



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