Thursday, October 8, 2015


Thursday, October 8, 2015

This is my first beauty product review in this blog. Actually it’s been so long since I’ve made this blog. I haven’t had enough time to post anything as I’ve always busy with my duties.
OK, back to the review, today I’m gonna show you all my experience using Clio Lipnicure. So stay tune!
Actually It’s so late till this product has been release T.T

CLIO VIRGIN KISS LIPNICURE or well known as CLIO LIPNICURE is a Korean brand. Fyi, lipnicure isn’t the same with liptint products. This lipnicure claims that it will give more long lasting and pigmented color to your lips. Well, we’ll see it later.
I think it was a little bit expensive to buy this product around IDR180,000. But since I read many many positive reviews about it, I decided to buy one. There are 8 beautiful colors and mine is no. 1 in Trouble Peach.

Idk why I chose this color. I always stay in pink or red color before and never tried orange or coral color because I don’t confident enough with those colors. So I hope this nude peach color will suit me well.
You see, the product came in a black thick box which is look so simple yet elegant. On the top of this box you’ll read what color of the product you will get. The description is on the sides box and written in Hangul T.T

I really like the packaging. Small and cute. Black as the cap and transparent body just look classy and simple.

The applicator is like many other liptint products. This one is very soft. So comfortable when I swipe it on to my lips.

I swatched one on my back hand and the color was so pigmented as it claims. It’s a trully beautiful coral color. I have to wait a few seconds till it dried up. It became matte result. And when I tried to rub it, the color didn’t fade away. I think it will be a long lasting lip makeup.

here's when i give it a test with water. the color's totally stay on.

On the other hand, I have a problem with its texture. I don’t know if I could like it or not. The texture is smooth and creamy but it’s kinda like...ummm...cement?!
Feels like it’s such as creamy as my Etude House Precious BB Cream.LOL
I guess it will feel thicky on my lips.
First I tried to swatch it on to my lips without using lipbalm before. And as I mentioned, the result was soooo....terrible! T.T

I really loved how pigmented the color is. Unfortunatelly depends on its texture it definitely looks chapped on my lips. I get no moistness since its result is totally matte. I think it’s an unacceptable lippies product for me. LOL
The twice I tried it with using lip balm before appliying lipnicure. And the result is more forgivable than before. TwT
But still feel sticky when fresh applied. Like I’m making a wall onto my lips (remember, its texture just like cement) LOL

It dries up so fast. Have to make sure that you blend it quikly or the result will be creepy.
As my skin is pale enough, I worried that my face looks like a sick person using this color. But when I combined it with semi smokey eye makeup, it’s perfect. Such a lovely la..
Once it dries up perfecltly, it becomes like permanent on your lips. Using it for about 4 hours, the color still settled down well. It doesn’t transfer easily  after drink and eat though. And again, my big problem is it becomes more dry dry and chapped. I think it’s caused by the color I picked. Almost nude color lip product has the same problem, makes your lips look more dry.
But still I’m a bit disappointed with this product. When a lot of blogger gives it high points and positive reviews, I just can give it score 3 out of 5 (at least I still love the color). Yeah, each people can have different opinion, right?

What I like :
-          Cute and elegant packaging
-          Pigmented and lovely color
-          Long lasting
-          Soft floral scent but not disturbing

What I dislike :
-          Texture too thicky like cement T.T
-          Makes my lips dry and chapped
-          BIG NO using it without superb moist lipbalm and whenever you have dry lips
-          Pricey
-          Hard to blend

Since it’s my first review in this blog, I really apologize if there’s many imperfections from my post. Really thanks for reading this and see you in my next post.



  1. warnanya coral pink gitu yaa,suka deh sama warna-warna kayak gini :) sayang bikin bibir kering... thanks udah review!

  2. Aku pakai ini~ udah 3 botol, pertama orange, terus pink, terus ungu XD so far aku paling suka sama lipnicure karena lebih nempel di bibir (dengan catatan bibir tanpa concealer dan lipbalm) dan emang iya, teksturnya kurang menyenangkan, tapi kalau udah tau triknya, lip gradation bakalan gampang banget kalau pakai lipnicure hihihi

    1. wow keren sampai 3 botol!
      punyaku aja nganggur di makeup box hihihii...
      kayaknya aku perlu belajar trik nya dari cece deh..

    2. nimbrung.. bagi tips nya kak merry hihihihi :p
      aku selalu dapet review yg katanya tuh ini nggumpal gitu. ahh mo beli jadi agak2 malas padahal yg pink cakeeep.. yg ungu jugak :3

    3. Cintya : Hihihihi yang ungu kalau dah habis aku mau beli kayak yang punya kamu ini, cuma masih mikir sih karena warnanya nude, takutnya jatuhnya nanti pucat di aku .___.

      Shasa : Yang penting sih kalau pakai yang berbau matte dan cepat kering gini harus dikiiiit banget, baurin, kalau berasa kurang baru kasih lagi. Jangan langsung asal oles, nanti pasti menggumpal, waktu aku pertama kali coba juga gitu. Banyak2 eksperimen aja. Terus paling penting jangan pakai concealer atau pun lipbalm, pakainya setelah pakai lipnicure aja, soalnya kalau ada alasnya, nanti lipnicure gak tahan lama, pasti nempel ke mana2

    4. wahhh saran diterima.. nanti deh kalo lip innisfree sama rireku nyampe rumah baru PO lagih heheheh. aku daridulu mupengin ini tapi reviewnya nggumpal gitu. padahal cakep2 warnanya

    5. warnanya emang pale gitu ci tapi bagus kok. sayangnya di aku kering banget hasilnya, huhu.. T.T


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