Sunday, July 12, 2020


Sunday, July 12, 2020

summer 2020 fashion trends

July is already here and Summer is calling us!

I’m always so excited when talking about any Summer’s inspirations. Makeup, fashion and even new summer songs. Personally, aside from its hot weather, its cheerful and youthful vibes are interesting. Mostly, bright and vivid colors will be on top of the trend. They are ready to burn out our spirit during the hot days.

Anyway, in this post I am going to talk about fashion inspiration that will be the most popular style for this summer. Honestly, we are still in the summer’s rules. Means that the themes are not too far from colorful hues and its classic patterns, flowery. And for today, I want to share you some adorable dresses from KIS’s home and I’m sure these dresses will flatter your look on summer days.


Mini dresses always become perfect choice for summer’s outfit. As we want something comfortable to wear during our hot days. No wonder, mini dresses get more popular in summer, easily. These days, comfortable outfit is not enough, our outfit must be catchy and trendy as well. Right? Hence, opting mini dresses with pretty design and adorable patterns is as important as selecting the fabrics themselves.

From thousands printing and patterns out there, floral theme will never be wrong for your summer outfit. It’s classic but endless. Moreover, floral dresses can be worn for many occasions, from casual to the formal ones. Easy example, this purple mini dress will look stunning for semi-formal summer events. The A-line cutting is simple but classy, meanwhile its floral embroidery and details are super pretty!

In case you are looking for dresses that look more simple and casual, you probably love this flared sleeve-floral dresses. The printing is very beautiful and the design is also very chic yet comfortable to wear.


By the way, aside from printing and design of the dresses, the other thing we should consider is the fabrics. During hot days, we may avoid some thick material like wools and prefer something sheer and light. If so, chiffon fabric can be one of the great choices.

Not only gives sheer and comfortable feeling, chiffon offers elegant look at same time. That’s why this fabric is particularly chosen for bridal wear and formal gowns, like prom night dresses or evening gowns.

Take a look at the elegant dresses mother of the bride from KIS above, it is not only beautiful in design and color but also comfortable to ensure the heat not overwhelm during the day. So, it doesn’t matter if you have special occasions in summer, just pick up dresses in right fabrics to help you feel comfortable and no worries anymore for the heat.

I got tons of adorable dresses inspiration for summer from KIS and I want you to visit their website as you will be able to choose your best dresses as your preference. Actually, I was too confused to pick only two or three dresses because their collections are all amazing and pretty!

So, what do you think about floral mini dresses and chiffon dresses in summer? Do you also wear them? Let me know on the comment box below ^^


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